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The Best Reasons To Grow Your Own Food


In Search Of The Good Life?

Many of us will remember the great rise in interest in growing your own food a couple of decades ago, when The Good Life was on TV. In fact, for some it might even be a big surprise that so much time has passed since then. Though the fashion of a self-sufficient lifestyle died off after a while, it looks like it’s back and with a vengeance too. Whilst in the past the move to grow your own food was limited mainly to hippies and older people, this time around it is a truly popular movement. You can now find many schools teaching their kids about gardening, young people are taking things into their own hands too, with guerrilla gardening and veggie plots popping up in people’s front gardens up and down the country. This really could be a big change that is more than just fashion.

Why Grow Your Own Food?

Whilst there may have been a food price crisis a couple of years ago, the effects were hardly felt here in the Western world. With supermarkets providing food at rock bottom prices, what possible reasons could there be to start gardening? Of course the answer depends on who you ask, so here are a few of the most popular reasons to grow your own:

– Fun –

if you are looking for a reason to get outside and have a bit more fresh air, gardening gives you a really great excuse to get out in the garden. It’s also a light form of exercise, which many would argue is much more fun than doing laps around the local park.

– Piece of mind –

while supermarkets are able to provide cheap food, you never really know what the quality is or where it came from, even with all the labels. There are pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s to consider. Furthermore, with the latest horse meat scandal, trust in supermarkets is at an all time low.

– Environment –

when you grow your own food, the number of food miles is exactly 0 – this means virtually no carbon footprint for the food you produce. Plus, by getting up close and personal with nature, you can come to understand why it is important to protect the environment and it’s also a great way to teach kids too.

– Save money –

Okay, it may not be true if you take into account labour costs, but do you count your labour time when going for a run, talking with your friends or other fun things? Let nature do most of the work and you get the benefits for free.

– Sense of achievement –

food never tastes better than the food you grow yourself. Try it and see, you can almost taste the love and effort you put into it.

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