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Good Dog Food That Promotes Dog’s Health and Longevity


For most dog owners the question of what is a good dog food often creeps up in one form or the other as dog owners are desirous of feeding their dogs with the best meal possible. However there is not a single answer to the question of what is a good food but rather there are certain things that define food that is considered good and healthy.

When we talk of good and healthy food we do not in any way imply that certain food or brands are the best since the food that may be good for one dog may not be well suited for another. What this clearly means is that dog owners have to strive to uncover the food that is really good for their dogs, which is the food that your dog likes and also healthy for him or her. This combination is very important because your dog may like a particular food that may not exactly be healthy for him or her, for instance if your dog is reacting to a particular type of food and yet it is evident to you that he likes the food then it is only wise on your part to discontinue the food.

Every healthy dog food should have quality protein and high moisture content which helps to prevent organ failure such as kidney failure.

It is very important that a dog’s meal be nutritionally balanced because nutrition deficiencies in dogs will show up a whole lot quicker than in humans.

Some general helpful tips in choosing healthy food ingredients:

Must be rich in meat content that is more than half of the ingredients must be meat or meat related.

A healthy food should not contain too much filler and no by products.
It must not contain carcinogenic preservatives.

Healthy food must include high quality grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, barley and not wheat or corn.Food that contain artificial coloring should be avoided.

Feeding your dog on high quality food means that he eats less in comparison to when he feeds on low quality food since he will try to eat more in order to get more nutrients from the low quality food.

Feeding on high quality food not only means better insurance for the health of your dog but also his body is able to use up more of the quality nutrients in the food which means less to expel the other way as compared to feeding on low and poor quality food.

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