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Tasty South Indian Recipes


It is without the doubt that South Indian delicacies are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Most of the preparations make use of rice of different types including that of basmati variety. Some of the preparations are easy to be cooked and are sure to tingle the taste buds. Also, it is heavy on the stomach and being less spicy is great to be had for anyone.

Tasty South Indian Recipes

Different varieties of rice are available in the market to prepare different types of items. However, the one that is the most popularly used is the basmati rice. It is a rice that comes with fabulous aroma, flavor, and taste and is loved by people of all ages. Be it the authentic meals of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, this rice does enhance the overall taste and flavor of the meal prepared and impress everyone.

Packed with Nutrients

Biryani and play varieties of rice are cooked using the good mix of vegetables. They are considered to have plenty of nutrient counts and are quite healthy. Pulav is said to be steam cooked and is completely healthy. Basmati type of rice is used which is regarded to be good in vitamins. Also, are present vegetable rice varieties such as carrot rice, tomato rice, spinach rice, and others that are tasty. They can help the consumers to stay physically fit.

Feasting with different Rice Varieties

An appetizing biriyani cooked with meat or chicken and using basmati for the rice is the hot specialty among people during festival celebrations, hotel orders, guest hospitality and others. Chicken biryani is quite famous across the country as well as in other countries. Meat gets marinated with spice for tasting better when cooked. Also, it is termed to be the richest type of food available. When consumed hot, it offers that heavenly feeling and taste.

Cooking biryani takes just about an hour and preparation does require the cook to be an expert. The biryani can be enjoyed with simple raitha, which is another delicacy in itself. Children are sure to love such varieties and have them for lunch. Apart from salty and spicy rice items, you can also make sweet dishes like Sakkarai Pongal, a very popular sweet rice pudding cooked at the time of Pongal in South India.

Are Basmati Varieties Healthy?

The extra long grain basmati rice UK is stated to be among the healthiest variety that is available and sold in the market. It does provide the desired nourishment to people of all ages and hence, is an instant hit even among those who are into dieting. It offers instant energy, allows the person to stay healthy and fit.

At the same time, it is also good enough to improve the overall well-being of the person and helps in god bowel movements. It stabilizes the level of blood sugar irrespective of age. The essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are found in the rice and when mixed with vegetables, meat or fish, they can be just superb to be had. It is to be taken in portions and helps the consumer to feel full all the time, thus keeping hunger at bay.

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