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To Drip Or Not To Drip – That Is The Question. The Heated Debate Over Whether Dripping Burger Cheese Is Preferable To Non-Dripping.


There are very few people in this world who don’t like burgers, the rest of us love burgers like crazy. However, there is a huge division among people who love burgers.

The burger is one of those dishes with so many types, ways of cooking, taste – the varieties of the burger are infinite.

Some like veggies in their burger while others don’t, there are so many similar factors like this that make each burger lover different.

One of the heated debate among burger eaters is whether dripping burger cheese is preferable to non-dripping. Well, there is no one correct answer to this question. It is ultimately an individual’s choice of how they want their burger to be.

For me, a burger is delicious when the cheese is dripping off. There is nothing worse than a burger with cheese that has not been melted all the way. It’s a shame when the beautiful American cheese in your burger is not oozing down the sides and making an appealing mess when you take a bite.

Getting a perfect melt is easy yet tricky to accomplish; my secret is the Pure Dairy hi-melt cheese slices – the best cheese for burgers. I hate it when the cheese becomes greasy when heated, and this kind of dripping burger is a big NO.

Another very much trending burger is the molten burger, it is super dripping and cheesy. Burgers are taken to the next level by stuffing them with cheddar and mozzarella for a cheesy center and topping them with a delicious American cheese slice. This heavenly burger is named molten burgers.

Now, let’s talk about people who don’t like dripping burgers. The number one reason why the dripping burger is not preferred by many is it is really messy. You have cheese dripping down your hands, but that is the beauty of melted cheese. Also, some might feel dripping burger has too much cheese in it, and it is unhealthy. The burger is not something that you eat every day and night, so it is okay to treat yourself on cheat days with an ooey-gooey burger.

I might not give you the correct answer to drip or not to drip, but I am totally on the dripping side. I would love to have burgers with tons of cheese in them, but the important thing is the quality, taste, and cheese texture. If you are using low-quality cheese on your burgers, dripping or not dripping, it will turn out to be bad. The burgers are truly juicy and delicious because of the good melted cheese.

Pure Dairy burger cheese slices are one of my essentials whenever I make a burger at home. It gives the restaurant a standard taste and texture to my burgers. You can buy Hi-Melt Burger Cheese, the best-selling American Cheese slices in Australia from Pure Dairy. Send us your order details via their website, and they will get back to you with additional information.

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