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How Much Dairy Is Too Much? The Other Dairy Products Cheese Sauce Pair Beautifully With.


People readily accept that fruits and vegetables are healthy options, but there is always a question regarding dairy. Whenever discussed dairy consumption, they seem to have conflicting recommendations. 

Maybe this is because many people suffer from lactose intolerance and they don’t have dairy, but that is a different story. Even with those people who eat and love dairy have different opinions on dairy consumption.

So, how much dairy is too much? According to the recommendation, an adult should have three servings of dairy products per day, and children should have around two servings per day, depending on age. However, the consumption of dairy highly depends on how your body reacts to it.

I love including dairy products in my diet, especially cheese, anything with cheese is a yes to me. Among all of the cheese products, my favourite is cheese sauce, and I have always been sharing recipes with cheese sauce. Usually, I don’t do dairy and dairy combinations, but I am recently trying this combo, and the results are awesome.

Here are some of the other dairy products that cheese sauce can be paired with:

Cheese Curds

This is my number one recommendation. Cheese curds and cheese sauce – both are cheese products, but they are entirely opposite to each other. Cheese curds are squeaky and mild-tasting while cheese sauce is in the gooey, melted and sharp in taste.

Fried cheese curds taste really good when eaten with cheese sauce, and you can also use both cheese curd and cheese sauce in a sandwich. These two are perfectly balanced and compliments each other really well.

Cheese Slices

By cheese slice, I don’t mean taking a cheese slice, dipping it in a cheese sauce and having it. When we use cheese slices in burgers and sandwiches, we tend to avoid cheese sauce because it has cheese.

Please don’t do that, add both slice cheese and cheese sauce in your burger and see how delicious it becomes. If you don’t like pouring the cheese sauce in the burger, try dipping it you will be amazed.


The cheese sauce is one of the most significant developments in the macaroni’s history, which introduced the classic treat that we enjoy nowadays – the Mac & Cheese. But did you know using yoghurt along with cheese sauce in mac & cheese makes it a hundred times better?

Yoghurt has a very light flavour and creaminess while cheese sauce is sharp when you combine these two, you get a beautiful and balanced sauce that is perfect for mac & cheese and many other dishes.

The cheese sauce is not a dairy product to me, but it is an emotion, so I need the best one. I have been buying Pure Dairy liquid cheese sauce for a long time now, and it has successfully pleased me. The taste, colour, and texture are so good, and it blends with anything so beautiful. Also, it does not contain any nasty additives and preservatives. If you also want to order a tub of cheesy goodness, contact Pure Dairy, and they will get back to you with the additional details.

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